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About Schoorlemmer Guitars

Schoorlemmer Guitars

is based in the Netherlands, near the city of Deventer.

In my small luthier-workshop I handcraft customized acoustic guitars.

Over the years, I build all kinds of guitars, both classic and steelstring. Nowadays I specialize in classic guitars and flamenco guitars. 


a fine acoustic guitar is a work of passion and craftmanschip. Working with the finest timbers, aiming for the perfect sounding guitar, well balanced and blooming through the hands and heart of the player.

Each instrument has its own unique voice, based on the tonal qualities of the timbers and shaped in the traditional buildingproces.

Custom made

Building a custom made instrument takes a journey in which player and builder discover how to create a perfect echo of musical artistry and luthier's craftsmanship.

The destination will be a fine instrument, unique and responsive; a Friend for Life.

Besides custom made instruments,

professional- and student-models with various specifications are offered.

All within the high standards of Schoorlemmer Guitars.

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